Angela Aki new album and single

News from Epic Records Japan Inc for all fans of Angela Aki:

Angela Aki, after giving birth to the baby, first appearance on TV! Her first comeback album release announced, and she will be on a head-liner tour! The single “Kokuhaku” has been chosen as the ending theme to the smash-hit animation “Uchukyodai”.

Angela Aki just gave birth to her first child in February, and appeared on today’s NHK’s morning program “Asaichi” on live. She spoke about her feelings of becoming a mother and performed “One Family -Uchu no Nagisa Special Version-“ which is the theme song to the NHK special “Uchu no Nagisa”.

‘Kokuhaku’ which has a tie-in to the smash-hit animation “Uchukyodai” will be her first release after her maternity leave. Also the release of her new original album ‘BLUE’ has been announced. For both cover arts Angela is wearing a skirt for her first time, that as visual-wise she has her new looking of her revealed.

For B-sides of ‘Kokuhaku’, as first time for Angela to have remixes, DENKI GROOVE’s Takkyu Ishino has done the remix, also “Uchu” one of the most favored songs by the fans, the remix has been done by the up and coming unit 80KIDZ .

In the original album ‘BLUE’, “One Family -Uchu no Nagisa Special Version-“, the theme song to the NHK special “Uchu no Nagisa” which Angela has performed this morning at NHK “Asaichi” will be included.

Starting from the appearances at the summer music festivals, covering mostly all of the prefectures, for 5 months Angela will be going on a head-liner tour!

At the live venues there will be a baby care center for mothers which is an unique idea that Angela Aki becoming a mother could come up with.

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