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IDOL is DEAD new album
Grab a few throat lozenges and get ready for some head banging fun, hard hitting IDOL is DEAD has an album.
Read More - Posted 10-23-2012

Ookami Seinen
Ookami Seinen
Remioromen's front man Ryota Fujimaki releases his first full-length album.
Read More - Posted 10-18-2012

Harentic Zoo
Kuroneko Chelsea releases "Harentic Zoo" album
Second album release from Kuroneko Chelsea featuring the "Anagura" theme from the TV anime series Gintama.
Read More - Posted 10-16-2012

Sweet Hollywaiians
Sweet Hollywaiians tour
Fans of Japanese flavored Hawaiian music get ready, the fabulous Sweet Hollywaiians are coming to America!
Read More - Posted 10-15-2012

Mash Up The World
As their tour continues HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT's new album is now available for digital download from several sites.
Read More - Posted 7-26-2012

Mash Up The World
MAN WITH A MISSION new album "Mash Up The World"
Everyone's favorite wolf head wearing band is back with a new album.
Read More - Posted 7-19-2012

Moi dix Mois Reprise
Moi dix Mois "Reprise"
The visual kei and fashion designer Mana is back with a new album "Reprise" from his latest project Moi dix Mois.
Read More - Posted 7-16-2012

Noa's LOVE
Noa's LOVE
New best of album release from Noa, a member of NO DOUBT TRACKS. She made her major debut in 2008 with the album LUCY LOVE.
Read More - Posted 7-10-2012

The Japanese goth band's new album "SOU" will be released on July 11th, 2012.
Read More - Re-posted 7-9-2012

Fumiya Fujii's Life is Beautiful
Fumiya Fujii "Life is Beautiful"
New album release from Fumiya Fujii on 7/11/2012. Fujii released his first single "True Love" on 11-10-1993.
Read More - Posted 7-6-2012

"Puffy Covers" tribute album
Puffy AmiYumi fans will get to enjoy covers of some of Puffy's most popular songs on July 4.
Read More - Re-posted 7-5-2012

Orquesta Libre new album "Can't Help Falling In Love"
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki is back with a new album for his latest jazz project "Orquesta Libre".
Read More - Posted 7-3-2012

MEGARYU new album
The hip-hop/reggae duo are back with a new album entitled "Toryumon" on 7/04/2012.
Read More - Posted 7-2-2012

Tina releases new album
"A Song for You" drops on 7-4-2012. Tina's debut single "I'll be there" was released in 1999.
Read More - Posted 6-29-2012

Starwave Records Vol. 2
The visual kei label is releasing a second "best of label" album on sale 8-1-2012.
Read More - Posted 6-28-2012

Namie Amuro "Uncontrolled"
New album from the legendary pop singer and actress dropped on 6-27-2012.
Read More - Posted 6-27-2012

TK from Ling tosite sigure
The indie band with the oh so funky name released a new album "Flowering" on 6-27-2012.
Read More - Posted 6-25-2012

Happiness "Happy Time"
First album release from Happiness featuring 6 new songs dropped on 6-20-2012.
Read More - Posted 6-22-2012

Tak Matsumoto new album "Strings Of My Soul"
Solo album release from Tak Matsumoto (Takahiro Matsumoto from B'z) dropped on 6-20-2012.
Read More - Posted 6-21-2012

Takuro Yoshida new album
Takuro Yoshida has released a new album "Gogo no Tenki" on 6-20-2012. Takuro released his debut single on June 1, 1970.
Read More - Posted 6-20-2012

SCANDAL single "Taiyo Scandalous" and tour
SCANDAL's new single available for download (via true-tone in Japan) on June 19 prior to its July 11 release date.
Read More - Posted 6-19-2012

HearJapan shutting down
The digital store for Japanese music will be coming to an end on June 30th.
Read More - Posted 6-18-2012

Kat McDowell "Hope in You"
Kat McDowell releases a new six-track album "Hope in You" on June 20th and graced the latest cover of Surfer Girls Magazine.
Read More - Posted 6-15-2012

"Monochrome Subliminal"
First full-length album release from the visual kei band Poltergeist released on June 13, 2012.
Read More - Posted 6-14-2012

Lix album "SICKS PAIN"
Lix released a second press of "SICKS PAIN" on June 13, 2012.
Read More - Posted 6-13-2012

Angela Aki is back
Angela Aki returns from maternity leave with a new single "Kokuhaku" and album "BLUE".
Read More - Posted 6-12-2012

"Puffy Covers" tribute album
Puffy AmiYumi fans will get to enjoy covers of some of Puffy's most popular songs on July 4.
Read More - Posted 6-11-2012

Latest Interviews

Ananda Jacobs

"You could say it came down to a question of, 'what would you miss more if you didn't have it?' and for me the answer was music." - Ananda Jacobs

What do you want to be when you grow up? For a young girl named Ananda Jacobs the answer seemed to be something like "everything and more". But one thing she certainly didn't expect with her background in music and science was that she would end up spending the last six years in Japan working as a model and actress.

In Japan they are called "tarento", the talents who populate the vibrant media culture of the country. Now a veteran of hundreds of ads and publications, Ananda is currently working on her debut album with her new musical unit, JACOBS.

So come learn the story of the woman who says "Music is personal, but also universal. I hope you will find your own meaning and significance in these songs I've written."

On July 19, 2012 Ananda Jacobs was kind enough to give an interview to J-Pop World. Ananda Jacobs Interview.
- Posted July 26, 2012.

Yukie Dong

"I love sharing my feelings of anime songs with other people, and when they response to me, it feels so happy." - Yukie Dong

The world of Japanese costume play has an avid following around the world. One practitioner of this unique form of performance art is Yukie Dong, a lady with a truly international past. Born in Beijing and raised in California, Yukie was fascinated with the Japanese world of anime and video games since she was a girl. While her resume may reveal that she's a Berkeley trained process engineer, we are mighty glad that she decided to put her talents for singing, dancing and raising smiles to good use.

With an album "Alice & Rabbit" in the works, what better time to hear the story of the woman who says "Sometimes I get nervous before getting on the stage, but once I'm up on stage, I just concentrate on what I do and enjoy sharing the music with everyone else."

On June 25, 2012 Yukie Dong was kind enough to give an interview to J-Pop World. Yukie Dong Interview.
- Posted June 27, 2012.


"I think Japan has so many unique and original things. Actually, I realized this after I moved to New York." - Ki-yo

It's not often that we're moved by gospel music, but the moment we heard Ki-yo singing his stirring rendition of Inhabit My Praise amidst a jubilant African-American choir we knew we'd discovered someone very special. A veteran of the Japanese music industry, the never lacking in confidence Ki-yo (aka KIYOTAKA) released his first single while he was still a teenager. After a string of albums in Japan Ki-yo made the decision in 2010 to tackle the New York music scene.

With his second international single "Dear All My Loves" to offer up what better time to hear the story of the man who says: "I love that moment that people understand my message and are affected by the positive influence of my music. There's nothing else that can bring me more joy and happiness than that."

On May 23, 2012 Ki-yo was kind enough to give an interview to J-Pop World. Ki-yo Interview.
- Posted May 25, 2012.

Taeko Fukao

"I've never recognized the true beauty of Japan until I stepped out of Japan." - Taeko

While the stunning scenery of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture might have seemed commonplace to a young girl named Taeko, the music she grew up listening to would prove to be much more inspiring. Faced with a decision to pursue a career in law or music, she make the fateful decision to pursue her artistic dreams. We are glad she did.

With a confident voice that both soothes and satisfies, Taeko has developed a singing style that transports her native culture of Japan to the Jazz filled clubs of New York.

So come learn the story of the singer who says: "Most memorable concerts were always the ones where the band, the audience and I became completely one wave through music..."

On May 21, 2012 Taeko was kind enough to give an interview to J-Pop World. Taeko Fukao Interview.
- Posted May 23, 2012.


"I was forced into playing the piano... I disliked music at first. But after seeing Michael Jackson and Duran Duran, I became a prisoner of music." - tezya

Bad boys come and bad boys go... and sometimes they become rock stars. For one troublemaking kid growing up Japan music offered a more constructive outlet for his energies. With a musical style he describes as "my version of what I call Future Glamour Rock'n'Roll" and a dramatic visual style that's hard to ignore, we think tezya is an artist worth taking a closer look at.

With his debut album "Life My Babylon" now available and an insatiable desire to spread his music around the world, what better time to hear the story of the man who says in song: "The first thing these eyes saw must have been your smile..."

On May 15, 2012 tezya was kind enough to give an interview to J-Pop World. tezya Interview.
- Posted May 16, 2012.

Budo Grape

"After Naho joined, the calm atmosphere, the soft, funny feeling has moved to the background, and now the tight, sharp, solid feel has come out to the front." - Nagai

Fans of Budo Grape began falling in love with their upbeat, fun sound ever since their debut back in 2001 amidst the Japanese underground scene. They're only gripe has been the several years waiting for a new album. That wait came to an end on April 25 with the release of "Kare no Namae wo Omoidasenai" and we expect that their fans will be as thrilled with the results as we were.

Now joined by Naho (and her official band member name of "74 Grape") this new version of Budo Grape shows every sign of playing on happily into the future.

On May 14, 2012 Nagai and Quminco from Budo Grape were kind enough to give an interview to J-Pop World. Budo Grape Interview.
- Posted May 14, 2012.

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